The European Campaign

The Interprofessional Guinea Fowl Committee is implementing a communication program for the period 2023-2025, with the support of the European Commission.

Organized guinea fowl production is a European specificity, unique in the world, which has developed in France, Italy and recently in Poland. However, with the exception of festive periods, it is largely absent from the food "habitus" of Europeans.
The Interprofessional Guinea Fowl Committee carries out actions to promote it and thanks to the support of Europe, a first campaign has made it possible to initiate awareness-raising work in France, Belgium and Germany. Already the values ​​of taste, health, breeding methods integrating animal well-being and biodiversity, widely sought after by European citizens, have been carried by a complete digital ecosystem around the site in order to give maximum visibility for guinea fowl as a culinary offer that changes everyday life!

Although all the actions of this program have been implemented and more than 132 million contact opportunities created, the COVID crisis has slowed down its impact. Also to capitalize on the work undertaken and amplify our messages in a hoped-for more favorable context, a new communication program has been worked on with all the members of the CIP. While it is still based on a 360° BtoB communication strategy, actions in points of sale are coupled with it in the two target countries with more mature markets.

This 2nd program (€1.2 million) will enable Foodservice professionals as well as French, Belgian, German and Dutch consumers to identify guinea fowl as a fashionable European product that contributes to sustainable, healthy and diversified while contributing to the economic dynamism of the territories and to European food sovereignty. The sensory and nutritional benefits of guinea fowl meat will be promoted as part of a flexitarian diet that gives pride of place to vegetables and allows, while having fun, to contribute to mitigating global warming and preserving the planet.


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