The Inter-professional Guinea Fowl Committee, who are we?

CIP - the only committed European inter-profession group.

The CIP - Comité Interprofessionnel de la Pintade - is the French guinea fowl committee of the national inter-professional poultry board, recognised by the public authorities. Included in the committee are farmers, hatcheries, breeders, feed manufacturers, abattoirs and distributors. Its main purpose is to revitalise the guinea fowl sector in Europe and monitor the quality of the product; in short, to guarantee good taste and a taste for what’s good!


  1. We monitor the preservation of the guinea fowl’s characteristics;
  2. We encourage and carry out works aimed at solving any technical or technological problems to which one or more links in the sector may be subject;
  3. We conduct promotional and communications guinea fowl campaigns for both the domestic and export markets;
  4. We keep stakeholders in the industry regularly informed of how the various micro and macroeconomic production indicators and markets are progressing;
  5. We are the only mouthpiece for the French guinea fowl industry with national and EU authorities for all problems affecting the sector as a whole and single entities within it.
  6. We research funding sources for the financial means to conduct our activities.

The CIP is financed by inter-professional contributions paid by members of the French sector in the most equitable way possible.

Contact us

Maison de l'Agriculture

Rue Maurice Le Lannou

CS 14226 - 35042 Rennes Cedex

Maison de l'Agriculture



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